Marilyn's 1874 Dress

Reproduction Outfits

by Vintage Victorian

1873 dress
This page as an example of a page created to show a customer the design elements and progress of an outfit while it is under construction. This outfit was made for an actress recreating an ancestor's dress for a performance.
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Chemise, can have a drawstring at the neck if desired.

Corset, still needs lace trim.


Bustle Front
Bustle Back
Bustle Side

Petticoat front
Petticoat side
Petticoat detail

Underskirt front
Underskirt back

Body front version 1
Body cuff
Cuff on original brown bodice, 4 small box pleats, centered on the outside of the sleeve
Entire cuff of the brown bodice,
I could leave the ruffle I have already done as an under ruffle,
then the box pleated cuff,
then the narrow ruched band at top,
sort of a reverse of the brown cuff detail
Bodice with buttons (ruching not narrowed yet)

Cuff ruffle, pleated
Cuff ruffle closer view

Overskirt front
Overskirt ruffle
Overskirt, small pleats version, unpressed can be softly pressed, don't recommend sharply pressed.

Skirt and overskirt with ruffles
Skirt ruffles, closer view
Skirt ruffles even closer

Simple Dress you've liked since the beginning

Faux jacket Bodice Trim, this shows how the bodice can be trimmed to look like a separate jacket.
Can have the narrow trim on the bodice match the narrow trim at the header of the skirt ruffle.

Skirt and Bodice Trim, grouped pleats on the left at the hem, on the right bodice trim, narrow ruffles with darker trim at the head.

Tailored bodice trims and collars, lady on left and upper right small standing collars, applied over collars (revers)
Body trim, ruched band
Tailored body and collar,
small white fold over or standing collar and plain tailored cuff.
Small bow at neckline.

Collars and Cuffs, a little fancy
More collars and cuffs, somewhat more tailored

A dress with wide stripes

Hem Trim on the left, simple collar on the right
Hem ruffles, jacket effect on the right, simple bows at neck
Hem ruffle trim, darker header, simple neck trim
Hem ruffle, grouped pleats, fringed overskirt

Drawers and Corset cover, simple corset cover
Corset cover, fancier

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