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Ball Dress, 1831.

Ball Dress—A dress of rose coloured tulle, over satin to correspond, the corsage is cut square, and of a very delicate height, it is draped a la Sevigne in front of the bust. Beret sleeves surmounted by a single, but very full, fall of blonde lace. The skirt is trimmed round the border with three satin rouleaux, which are united at the right knee by a full knot of rose coloured gauze ribbon, from which issues a light bouquet of blue fancy flowers, a single flower of the same kind is placed in the bosom near the right shoulder. The hair is much divided on the forehead, and dressed in full curls on each side, it is arranged in two full bows, which stand upright on the crown of the head: a bouquet to correspond with that on the dress, surmounts the bows, and a smaller one is inserted among the curls on the left side. Ear-rings, necklace, brooch, and bracelets, gold and pearls.

Cursory Remarks on the last new Fashions.

The most elegant ball dresses are composed of white crape or gauze over white satin, the corsage is crossed in folds and very open on the bosom, so as to display the satin one, the latter is bordered by a narrow blond lace which stands up round the bust. A bouquet of flowers is embroidered in white beads on the centre of the satin corsage, and three bouquets of a larger size placed at some distance from each other in a bias direction, ornament the front of the dress.

The Ladies’ Pocket Magazine, February 1831

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