vintage dress series books  
vintage dress series books

Turn of the Century Fashions:

Table of Contents



1-2.The Dressmaker, The Delineator, January.
3.New effects in trimmed skirts, The Delineator, January.
4-5.Latest designs for Spring & Summer waists, The Delineator, April.
6-7.Stylish skirts for Spring & Summer, The Delineator, April.
8.Some new shirt waists, The Delineator, April.
9-10.Men’s ready made clothing, John Wanamaker, Spring & Summer.
11.Hats for men and boys, John Wanamaker, Spring & Summer.
12.Men’s shoes, John Wanamaker, Spring & Summer.
13.Ladies’ shoes, John Wanamaker, Spring & Summer.
14.Early summer gowns, Harper’s Bazar, May 13.
15.Ladies’ waist and Ladies’ Eton jacket, The Designer, June.
16-17.Ladies’ Spring fashions, The Designer, June.
18-20.Millinery, The Designer, June.
21.Princesse gown and reception gown, Harper’s Bazar, August 19.
22-24.The coiffure of to-day, The Designer, September.
25.Ladies’ dressy toilette, The Glass of Fashion, October.
26-27.Fashionable evening styles for ladies’ wear, The Delineator, November.
28.Ladies’ evening waists, The Delineator, November.
29-32.Millinery for early winter, The Delineator, November.
33-34.Formal and informal dinner gowns, Harper’s Bazar, December 9.
35-36.Ball gowns for the New York assembly, Harper’s Bazar, December 9.


37.New fashions in shoes and slippers, Harper’s Bazar, February 10.
38.Gowns and bodices for evening wear, Harper’s Bazar, February 10.
39-41.Spring and Summer Fashions for men, Harper’s Bazar, March 31.
42-43.Ladies’ waist and house & street toilette, The Delineator, June.
44-45.Pretty designs for Summer waists, The Delineator, June.
46-47.Late styles in bathing costumes, The Delineator, June.
48.R & G corsets, advertisement, The Ladies’ Home Journal, September.
49.Stylish black and white costumes, The Ladies’ Home Journal, September.


50.Hair-dressing novelties, Harper’s Bazar, January 5.
51-53.Evening gowns for midwinter dances, Harper’s Bazar, January 5.
54-58.Fashions for ball gowns, Harper’s Bazar, January 26.
59.Cover, The Ladies’ Home Journal, January.
60-65.The world of fashion, Harper’s Bazar, February 16.
66-67.Hair-dressing and neck-wear, Harper’s Bazar, March 9.
68-71.Spring fashions for men, Harper’s Bazar, March 9.
72.Young girl’s ball gown, Harper’s Bazar, March 9.
73.Shirt waist and muslin gown, Harper’s Bazar, March 9.
74.Dimity Garden Gown, Harper’s Bazar, May.
75-79.Simple Summer gowns, Harper’s Bazar, May.
80.Summer gown, Harper’s Bazar, June.
81-82.Gowns of Summer fabrics, Harper’s Bazar, July.
83-85.Gowns for the seashore, Harper’s Bazar, July.
86-87.Summer hats, Harper’s Bazar, July.
88.Toilettes d’été, La Nouvelle Mode, August 4.
89-91.Evening costumes and wraps, Harper’s Bazar, December.


92-94.Dinner and evening gowns, Harper’s Bazar, January.
95.Modish evening gowns, The Delineator, January.
96-97.Evening attire for ladies and misses, The Delineator, January.
98-99.Trimmings and accessories, The Delineator, January.
100-104.Mid Winter fashions, Harper’s Bazar, February.
105.Miss Alice Roosevelt, Harper’s Bazar, April.
106-107.Lingerie hosiery and shoes, Harper’s Bazar, April.
108-112.New Paris models, Harper’s Bazar, April.
113-114.Spring waists and house gowns, Harper’s Bazar, May.
115.Ladies’ promenade dresses, Metropolitan Fashions, Butterick, Spring.
116.Ladies’ waists and six gored skirt, Metropolitan Fashions, Butterick, Spring.
117.Ladies’ dresses, Metropolitan Fashions, Butterick, Spring.
118-119.Ladies’ waists or bodices, Metropolitan Fashions, Butterick, Spring.
120.Ladies’ evening waists and skirts, Metropolitan Fashions, Butterick, Spring.
121.Ladies’ day dresses, Metropolitan Fashions, Butterick, Spring.
122.Ladies’ capes, Metropolitan Fashions, Butterick, Spring.
123-125.Summer hats, Harper’s Bazar, June.
126-128.Summer evening gowns, Harper’s Bazar, June.
129-130.Trimmings for the season’s gowns, Harper’s Bazar, June.
131.A “Gibson” bathing costume and a bathing cap, The Delineator, June.


132.Princess gown of black velvet, Harper’s Bazar January.
133.The “Favoring” in a Philadelphia “Assembly,” The Delineator, February.
134-135.The latest designs in underwear, The Delineator, February.
136-138.Lingerie for the trousseau, The Delineator, February.
139.Evening gown and wrap, The Delineator, February.
140.Ladies’ gowns, The Delineator, February.
141.National Cloak and Suit Co., advertisement, The Delineator, February.
142-145.Early Spring fashions, Harper’s Bazar, March.
146.Evening coat of broadtail, Harper’s Bazar, March.
147.Young girl’s evening gown of soft white silk, Harper’s Bazar, March.
148-150.Dinner and ball gowns, Harper’s Bazar, April.
151.Newest fashionable corset contours, Mandel Brothers, Spring.
152.Newest creations in white petticoats, Mandel Brothers, Spring.
153.Late styles in fancy lace and silk skirts, Mandel Brothers, Spring.
154.The latest styles in women’s tailor-made walking skirts, Mandel Brothers, Spring.
155.Men’s new dress in negligee shirts, pajamas and night robes, Mandel Brothers, Spring.
156.The very newest styles in men’s and boys’ neckwear, Mandel Brothers, Spring.
157.Men’s modish Spring and Summer clothing, Mandel Brothers, Spring.
158.Story illustration of evening dress, Harper’s Bazar, April.
159-161Summer evening gowns, Harper’s Bazar, June.
162.Gown of white mousseline, shirred, Harper’s Bazar, June.
163.Summer evening gown of pale gray over yellow, Harper’s Bazar, June.
164.Gown of pale blue batiste, Harper’s Bazar, August.
165.Morning gown and hat, Harper’s Bazar, August.
166.Men’s Sack suits and raincoat, Hart Schaffner & Marx, Fall & Winter (1903-1904).
167.Men’s formal evening-dress, Hart Schaffner & Marx, Fall & Winter (1903-1904).
168.A novelty in garters, The Delineator, October.
169.A smart French evening gown, Harper’s Bazar, October.
170-177.The fashion outlook for 1904, Harper’s Bazar, October.
178-182.French evening gowns, Harper’s Bazar, October.
183-185.Stylish frocks and waists for afternoon and semi-formal wear, The Delineator, October.
186.Day dresses and corset cover, The Delineator, October.
187-190.Paris evening gowns, Harper’s Bazar, November.
191.The first night at the opera, The Delineator, December.
192.Her coming-out party, Harper’s Bazar, December.


193.Summer costumes, The Delineator, May.
194.A lace-trimmed Summer hat, The Delineator, May.
195.Dressy hats of the season, The Delineator, May.
196-198.The making of stock collars, The Delineator, May.
199-200.Ladies’ skirts and waists, National Cloak & Suit Co., Spring & Summer.
201.A garden party in midsummer, The Delineator, July.
202-203.Summer dress materials, trimmings and accessories, The Delineator, July.
204.Shirt-waist costume and coin-spot black gown, The Delineator, July.
205.Ladies’ skirts, The Delineator, July.
206-208.Smart styles for Summer outings, The Delineator, July.
209.Evening waist of messaline, bodice of liberty satin, chiffon cloth waist, The Delineator, July.


210.Monte Carlo waist, Lace and silk batiste frock, The Delineator, March.
211.When life is at the Spring, illustration, The Delineator, March.
212-213.Millinery for early Spring, The Delineator, March.
214-215.Ladies’ costumes and waists, The Delineator, May.
216.Two ladies’ day dresses, The Delineator, May.
217.Fashionable sleeves, The Delineator, May.
218-219.Ladies’ costumes and jacket, The Delineator, May.
220.Ribbon girdles for lingerie waist, The Delineator, May.
221-222.Evening and dancing costumes, The Delineator, October.
223.Correct skirt lengths and how to measure them, The Delineator, October.


The Delineator: a Journal of Fashion, Culture and Fine Arts, Butterick Publishing Company (Limited), London and New York.
     1899: January, April, November
     1900: June
     1902: January, June
     1903: February, October, December
     1904: May, July
     1905: March, May, October

The Designer Magazine, Standard Fashion Company, New York and Chicago,
     June & September, 1899.

The Glass of Fashion Up to Date, October 1899, the Butterick Publishing Company (Limited), Paris, London and New York.

Harper’s Bazar, Harper & Brothers, New York.
     1899: May 13, August 19, December 9
     1900: February 10, March 31
     1901: January 5, 26, February 16, March 9, May, June, July, December
     1902: January, February, April, May, June
     1903: January, March, April, April, June, August, October, November, December

Hart Schaffner & Marx, Style Book, Fall & Winter 1903-1904, Chicago and New York.

Mandel Brothers, Spring Fashions, 1903, Mandel Brothers, Chicago.

Metropolitan Fashions, Spring 1902, the Butterick Publishing Company (Limited), London and New York.

My Lady’s Wardrobe, Spring & Summer 1904, National Cloak and Suit Co, New York.

La Nouvelle Mode, August 4, 1901, Paris, France.

John Wanamaker, Spring & Summer Fashions, 1899, John Wanamaker, New York and Philadelphia.

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