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1.Ball dress and headdress, Leslie’s, January 1854.
2.Head-dresses and wrought shell comb, Leslie’s , January 1854.
3.Chitchat upon January fashions: new styles for dressing the hair, Godey’s, January 1854.
4.Head-dresses, Leslie’s, January 1854.
5.Head-dress, Peterson’s, May 1855; Spring head-dress, Peterson’s, April 1855; Ball head-dress, Peterson’s, June 1855.
6.Our practical dress instructor: hair in Bandeaux à la Niobe, cap of tulle trimmed with lace and ribbon. Godey’s May 1854.
7.Hairstyles and headdresses: the Eugenie, the Victoria wreath, Godey’s, July 1854.
8.Novelties of the month, caps and court bows, Godey’s, November 1854.
9.Steel fashion-plate for February, Godey’s, February 1856.
10.Chitchat upon New York and Philadelphia Fashions for January: Headdress, Godey’s, January 1856; dress cap Eschelle, and dress cap of blonde and broad blue ribbon, Godey’s, February 1856.
11.Novelties for the month: arrangement for bridal veil, Rachel coiffure, sultana scarf and flower headdress, Godey’s, April 1856.
12.Novelties for the month: caps, style of arranging the hair and garland for the hair, Godey’s, September 1856.
13.Headdress suited for school girl, Godey’s, October 1856; novelties for the month: headdress suited to a young married lady, Godey’s, November 1856.
14.Headdresses; Chitchat upon New York and Philadelphia Fashions for January, Godey’s, January 1857.
15.Headdress and cloak for the opera, Godey’s, December 1856; light headdresses, Godey’s February 1857.
16.Broches frisettes: or, curling pins, Godey’s, January 1859.
17.Novelties for March: Style of dressing the hair, Godey’s, March 1859.
18.New styles for dressing the hair, Godey’s, July 1859.
19.New styles for dressing the hair, Peterson’s, October 1859.
20.Headdress for a young lady, Godey’s, April 1859; hair-crimper-how to use it, Godey’s, August 1859.

21.New style of dressing the hair and head-dress of velvet, Godey’s, May 1860.
22.Coiffure for Ball costume or full evening dress, Godey’s, July 1860.
23.New style of arranging front braids, Godey’s, September 1862.
24.New coiffures, Godey’s, April 1863.
25.The Nina Headdress, Godey’s, March 1863; the coiffure Maintenon, Godey’s, April 1863.
26.Coiffure for a young lady, coiffure Alexandra, Godey’s, July 1863.
27.Coiffures, toupet Maitenon, fancy bow, Godey’s, April 1863.
28.New coiffures, Godey’s, May and June 1863.
29.The latest styles for Parisian Headdresses, Godey’s, May 1863.
30.Novelties for July: the latest styles of headdresses, mantle, caps, etc., Godey’s, July 1863.
31.The coiffure Caliste, waterfall coiffure and coiffure for a young married lady, Godey’s, September 1863.
32.Evening coiffure for a young lady, Grecian coiffure, ball coiffures, Godey’s, July 1864. Marie Antoinette tuft and Fancy coiffure, Godey’s, September 1864.
33.New styles of wearing the hair, Peterson’s, September 1869.
34.Coiffures, Peterson’s, June 1869; chignons for ladies, crimped braid for a young girl, Peterson’s, November 1869.
35.New styles of dressing the hair and combs, Peterson’s, January 1869.

36.The new styles of wearing the hair, Peterson’s, January 1870.
37.New styles of hairdressing, Harper’s Bazar, January 27, 1872.
38.Chignonological (caricature), Harper’s Bazar, January 27, 1872.
39.Ball and evening coiffures, Harper’s Bazar, February 10, 1872.
40.Ladies’ coiffures, Harper’s Bazar, August 31, 1872.
41.Ladies’ coiffures, Harper’s Bazar, August 31, 1872. continued.
42.Bridal coiffures, Harper’s Bazar, September 7, 1872.
43.Ladies’ coiffures, Harper’s Bazar, December 21, 1872.
44.Millinery and coiffures, Delineator, December 1875.
45.Millinery and coiffures, Delineator, December 1875. continued.
46.Millinery and coiffures, Delineator, December 1875. continued; tortoise-shell comb and hair pins, Harper’s Bazar, October 26, 1872.
47.Ladies’ coiffures, Harper’s Bazar, June 26, 1875.
48.The Hair, Delineator, February 1875; new styles of dressing the hair, Peterson’s, January 1876.
49.Two new styles of hair-dressing, Peterson’s, February 1876; morning head-dress, DuBarry head-dress, Peterson’s, April 1876.
50.Head-dresses, Peterson’s, May 1876
51.Morning headdress and head-dress of interlaced loops, Peterson’s, August 1876.
52.Head-dresses, bridal head-dress, Peterson’s, December 1876.
53.Hair-dressing, Delineator, July 1877; Barry’s Tricopherous, advertisement, Demorest’s, July 1878.
54.Methods of dressing the hair, Delineator, July 1878.
55.Coiffure ornaments, Delineator, August 1877; Jewelry and combs, Delineator, April 1878.
56.Jewelry and combs (continued), the Manifold headdress, advertisement, Delineator, April 1878.

57.The arrangement of the hair, Delineator, August 1880.
58.Stylish coiffures, Demorest’s, February 1880; H. Julian human hair goods, Marchand’s Crisoline or blonde hair wash, advertisements, Delineator, June 1882.
59.Coiffure, Harper’s Bazar, May, 16, 1885; Ornaments for the hair, Delineator, February 1883; Medina’s Paris Hair store, advertisement, Delineator, January 1883.
60.Coiffures à la mode, Demorest’s Monthly Magazine, July 1883.
61.Hair dressing, Harper’s Bazar, May 27, 1886.
62.Fashionable coiffures, Delineator, March 1888
63.Description of fashionable coiffures seen on page 62. Delineator, March 1888; Aigrette for the hair, Delineator, March 1888; Silver, jet and shell ornaments, Harper’s Bazar, March 8, 1884.
64.Frizzetta, Ornamental Hair and Edward’s Harlene, advertisements; Fashionable mode of dressing the hair for evening, Young Ladies’ Journal, December 1, 1889.

65.Shell hair-pins with turquoises, Harper’s Bazar, December 21, 1889. Tortoise-shell hair ornaments, Harper’s Bazar, January 11, 1890.
66.Day and evening hair dressing, Harper’s Bazar, January 25, 1890.
67.Group of fancy ornaments for the hair, Delineator, June 1890. Hinde’s hair curlers, advertisement, Young Ladies’ Journal, December 1, 1891.
68.Aigrettes for the hair, hair-dressing, Harper’s Bazar, January 16, 1892.
69.Coiffures, Delineator, May 1892.
70.Notes on the coiffure, Godey’s, April 1893.
71.Notes on the coiffure, Godey’s, April 1893. continued.
72.Hair goods, curling irons, hair pins, etc., Koch & Co., Spring & Summer 1894.
73.Fashionable hair-dressing, Delineator, December 1894.
74.Description of fashionable hair-dressing, Delineator, December 1894.
75.Description of fashionable hair-dressing, Delineator, December 1894. continued.
76.Description of fashionable hair-dressing, Delineator, December 1894. continued.
77.Description of fashionable hair-dressing, Delineator, December 1894. continued.
78.Coiffure, and care and arrangement of the hair, Harper’s Bazar, April 13, 1895.
79.Packer’s tar soap advertisement, Harper’s Bazar, November 23, 1895.
80.Evening hair-dressing, Harper’s Bazar, December 28, 1895.
81.Ornaments for the hair, silver on tortoise shell, Delineator, March 1896.
82.Paris evening coiffures, Toilettes, April 1896.
83.Hair-dressing and ornaments, evening coiffures, Harper’s Bazar, January 9, 1897.
84.A morning hairdressing, Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal, August 2, 1897.
85.The Jeanette, the Thompson Pompadour, Beautiful Women, 1897.
86.The Marvel bang, curl cluster, wavy knots, Antoinette coiffure, Beautiful Women, 1897.
87.Imitation shell hairpins and combs, Wanamaker’s, Spring & Summer 1899.
88.The coiffure of to-day, Designer, September 1899.
89.The coiffure of to-day, Designer, September 1899. continued.
90.The coiffure of to-day, Designer, September 1899. continued.

91.Coiffures for dress occasions, Delineator, May 1904.
92.New styles of hairdressing, Delineator, October, 1905.
93.Some novel hair ornaments, Delineator, June 1906.
94.Toilet accessories, Harper’s Bazar, April 1907.
95.Curls in Summer, Designer, June 1907.
96.Curls in Summer, Designer, June 1907. continued.
97.The care of the hair in Summer, Delineator, June 1908.
98.The care of the hair in Summer, Delineator, June 1908. continued.
99.The Matron at her best, Delineator, June 1908.
100.How to dress her hair, Delineator, June 1908.
101.Ivory soap, advertisement, Woman’s Home Companion, December 1909.

102.How the hair will be worn this winter, Ladies’ Home Journal, September 15, 1910.
103.How the hair will be worn this winter, Ladies’ Home Journal, September 15, 1910. continued.
104.New Styles of hairdressing, McCall’s, March 1910.
105.Hair goods and wigs, Anna Ayers, Styles of 1910-11.
106.The classic coiffure, Woman’s Home Companion, March 1911.
107.The classic coiffure, Woman’s Home Companion, March 1911. continued.
108.The newest hairdressing for ladies and children, Ladies’ World, May 1911.
109.How women can wear their hair, Ladies’ Home Journal, June 1911.
110.Burnham coiffures, Mme. Fried hair goods, advertisements, Pictorial Review, January 1911.
111.Ornaments for the hair, McCall’s, January 1911.
112.Burnham hair-goods, Parisian company hair-goods, advertisements, McCall’s January 1911.
113.Combs, barettes and bags, National Cloak and Suit Co., Spring & Summer 1912.
114.Some simple and graceful coiffures, Designer, November 1912.
115.Some simple and graceful coiffures, Designer, November 1912. continued.
116.Hair ornaments, Woman’s World, October 1912.
117.Hair goods, Greenhut-Siegel Cooper Co., 1912.
118.The Spring hat and its relation to the coiffure, Woman’s Home Companion, March 1912.
119.Accessories that adorn, jewelry from Charlton, Harper’s Bazar, October 1913.
120.Fashion favors the high coiffure, Criterion of Fashion, December 1913.
121.Recent portrait of the Countess of Warwick, Harper’s Bazar, August 1913.
122.Coiffures and their decorations, Designer, February 1913.
123.Penetrator hairbrush advertisement, Delineator, March 1920; Yvette Co. hair goods, advertisements, Designer, November 1914.
124.What I see on Fifth Avenue: head-dress, Ladies’ Home Journal, March 1915.
125.The tight hair-dressing passes, Designer, February 1915.
126.Canthrox shampoo, advertisement, Woman’s Home Companion, June 1916.
127.A. Simonson, beautiful hair-pieces, Pierre permanent hair wave, advertisements, Vogue, May 15, 1916.
128.Pins which insure a smart coiffure, Ladies’ Home Journal, March 1917.
129.Reflections in the glass of fashion reveal new and simpler modes of arranging the hair, Delineator, March 1920.
130.Danderine, Parker, Belmont & Co. smart coiffures, advertisements, Delineator, May 1920.
131.Fashionable invisible hairnets, Ladies’ Home Journal, October 1920.



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