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hairstyles of the 1860s

Hairstyles and Headdresses
of the Civil War Era

Table of Contents


1.Broches Frisettes: or curling pins, Godey’ s, January 1859.
2.Headdresses and description of headdress fashions, Peterson’ s, January 1859.
3.Style of dressing the hair Godey’ s, March 1859.
4.Headdresses, Peterson’ s, February, April, and May 1859.
5.New styles for dressing the hair, Godey’ s, July 1859.
6.Chenille headdress, Godey’ s, July 1859, Styles of headdresses, Godey’ s, January 1859.
7.Simple headdress for a young lady, Godey’ s April 1859, hair-crimper, how to use it, Godey’ s, August 1859.
8.New styles for dressing the hair, Peterson’ s, October 1859.
9.Headdress of black velvet, Peterson’ s, December 1859.

10.Headdress of black velvet, Peterson’ s, January 1860, headdress of chenille and gold cord, Peterson’ s, February 1860.
11.Headdresses, necktie, and fancy cuff, Godey’ s, February 1860.
12.New style of dressing the hair and headdress, Godey’ s, May 1860.
13.Coiffure for ball costume or full evening dress, Godey’s , July 1860.
14.La Princesse headdress, Godey’s , August 1860.
15.La Matrone headdress, Godey’s , August 1860.
16.La Belle headdress, Godey’s , August 1860.
17.Pearl diadem, Peterson’s , August 1860.
18.Pearl comb, Peterson’s , August 1860..
19.Style for dressing the hair of the bride and a style for dressing a young lady's hair, Peterson’s , October 1860.
20.Headdress for dinner, Charlotte Corday cap, evening headdress, and a headdress of velvet and black lace, Godey’s , December 1860.
21.La coiffure Francaise, Godey’s , December 1860.

22.Coiffure of black velvet and a net formed of narrow black velvet, Godey’s , April 1861.
23.Cordon and flat bows for the hair and black velvet net for the hair, Godey’s , January 1861, wreath in white velvet leaves and a headdress for a dinner, Godey’s , April 1861.
24.Headdress, Peterson’s , March 1861, velvet headdress, Peterson’s , August 1861.
25.Coiffure, Godey’s , December 1861, and Peterson’s , July 1861, headdress for evening wear, Godey’s , September 1861, wreath for dinner toilette and a simple headdress, Godey’s , October 1861.
26.Headdresses, Godey’s , October 1861.
27.Coronet headdresses, Godey’s , November 1861.
28.Headdress of lace and ribbon, headdress for concerts, and a headdress of braided ribbon, Godey’s , November 1861, coiffure for a young lady, Godey’s , May 1861, headdress for a bridesmaid, Godey’s , December 1861.

29.Headdress and coiffure for evening, Godey’s , January 1862.
30.Coiffure composed of pansies and black lace, Peterson’s , July 1861, and Godey’s March 1862, coiffure with rosettes, Godey’s , March 1862
31.Nerissa Headdress, Peterson’s , June 1862..
32.Headdresses, Godey’s , January 1862, the Alceste headdress, Godey’s , August 1862.
33.Ball Coiffure, Godey’s , February 1862, headdress for opera or concert, Godey’s , April 1862, new styles for arranging the hair, Godey’s , June 1862.
34.Apollo coiffure, Ceres coiffure, Peterson’s , September 1862, new style for dressing the hair, Peterson’s , September 1862.
35.New style of arranging front braids, Godey’s , September 1862.

36.The Coralio, the Eulalio, and the Esmeralda headdresses, Godey’s , January 1863.
37.A new velvet coiffure, Godey’s , January 1863.
38.The Nina headdress, Godey’s , March 1863, Coiffure Maintenon, Godey’s , April 1863.
39.New coiffures, Godey’s , April 1863.
40.Floral headdresses and new style of dressing the hair, Peterson’s , April 1863.
41.Coiffure, toupet Maintenon, fancy bow, and one of the latest coiffures, Godey’s , April 1863.
42.The latest Parisian styles for headdresses, Godey’s , May 1863.
43.A new coiffure, Godey’s , May 1863, new floral coiffures, Godey’s , June 1863.
44.Coiffure for a young lady and coiffure Alexandra, Godey’s , July 1863.
45.Headdress and fancy coiffures, Godey’s , July 1863.
46.Coiffure with feathers, Marie Antoinette coiffure, an a young lady's coiffure, Godey’s , July 1863.
47.Latest styles of Parisian headdresses, Godey’s , August 1863.
48.The coiffure Caliste, waterfall coiffure, and a coiffure of black illusion, Godey’s , September 1863.
49.Fancy headdress, Godey’s , January 1863, coiffure of lavender velvet and lace, Godey’s , August 1863, lace and ribbon headdress, Godey’s , October 1863, coiffure Hortense, Godey’s , December 1863.
50.New styles for dressing the hair, Peterson’s , August 1863, Headdresses of flowers and lace, Peterson’s , December 1863.

51.Hair nets, with instructions for making, Godey’s , January 1864.
52.Hair net instructions continued, Godey’s , January 1864.
53.Spring coiffure for a young lady, fancy evening coiffure, the Clarissa coiffure, and the Morny headdress, Godey’s , March 1864.
54.Headdress of lilac velvet petunias, a Louis XV wreath, black velvet headdress, headdress of dark red velvet, and a headdress of blue velvet pansies, Godey’s , April 1864.
55.Coiffure for a young lady, headdress of white plumes, headdress of pink roses and leaves, Godey’s , April 1864.
56.The Miranda coiffure and a wreath of white forget-me-nots, Godey’s , April 1864.
57.Evening coiffure for a young lady, Godey’s , April 1864, coiffure for a marries lady, headdress of cornflowers and wheat-ears, Godey’s , May 1864..
58.Evening coiffure for a young lady, a Grecian coiffure, and a ball coiffure, Godey’s , July 1864, ball coiffure, Marie Antoinette tuft, fancy coiffure, Godey’s , September 1864.
59.Half wreath, coiffure of scarlet velvet, and a half wreath, Godey’s , October 1864.

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